12,500 Hot  Farm Stock Tractors

  1. Class open to agricultural tractors only
  2. Tractors must be a agricultural tractor having chassis engine clutch transmission housing, differential housing, transmission, hood and grill of one manufacturer. Engine, clutch transmission and differential housing must be bolted together as one unit. ALL bolts connecting all housing must be in their stock location OEM length and location from real end housing to front of engine. Engine can not have no more or less cylinders than original engine for that model tractor. No component power trains,tractor must have OEM lengh wheel base ALL chassis components must be original with no aluminum replacement parts.
  3. Tractor must have OEM cylinder head and must be for series engine used. No recast, no aluminum or over cam heads. No deck plates allowed.
  4. Intake and exhaust manifold must be OEM or manufacture replacement for that engine and can not be modified in anyway. And bolt in OEM bolt holes in head.
  5. No aluminum engine or chassis components unless it comes from the manufacturer.
  6. Maximum engine displacement of 466 cubic inch with no allowance.  Tractors manufactured with more than 466 cubic inch must have factory bore and stroke for that brand of tractor and must run factory injection pump and factory RPMS.
  7. Injection fuel pump no larger than “P” pump with 1 plunger per cylinder.
  8. Tractor must have a memory tachometer for checking maximum RPM during pull.  An auto meter pro comp tachometer with memory part number ATM6806 must be used.
  9. Maximum RPM is 3000 with no allowance.
  10. Turbo charger will be an air research TO4B or a Schwitzer 3LM.  No altering of original compressor housings or exhaust turbine housings.
  11. Exhaust pipe must be 18 inches out hood vertically upwards.  Must have two 3/8 inch grade 5 bolts within one inch and 90 degrees of each other in the vertical part of the exhaust pipe to prevent turbo parts flying out.  No curved pipes or rain caps allowed.
  12. Must run factory sheet metal for that make and model tractor, must run factory wide front end and must bolt in OEM bolt holes.
  13.  Water injection or water injection parts allowed on tractor.
  14. Must run stock fuel for make and model of tractor.  Either oxygen, alcohol, nitrous oxide, or nitro methane are all illegal.
  15. Drawbar hook point is to be minimum of 18 inches behind the center of the rear axle and a maximum of 20 inches high.  Drawbar is to be rigid in all directions.  Hitching eye is to be a minimum of 3 inches in diameter inside and 5 inches outside with a minimum of  3/4 inch thick.
  16. All tractors must have OEM fenders between driver and rear tires as a solid barrier.
  17. Tire size limit is 20.8x38.  Agricultural farm tires only.  No chains, duals, or 4 wheel drives allowed.  Tires can only be cut on the top of original cleat.  No adding or deleting of the cleat.  No cut and a half.  No double cuts and no V cuts.
  18. Press steel rims or cast center are allowed.  No aluminum rear rims allowed.  Weld on hubs allowed.
  19. No weights may not extend beyond rear wheels.  All weights must be secured on tractor.
  20. Maximum length is 13 feet from center of rear axle to forward most part of tractor including weights.
  21. Tractors with external bull gears not allowed.
  22. Must have adapter for P and G pump at all times.  Not having this adapter will be considered as cheating and banned from the track.
  23. Tractor name and model must be readable from the announcers stand. 
  24. Track official has the last say over the RULES.
  25. All Safety Equipment is Recommended But Wheelie bars and Air Shut off will be required by June 2014.Roll cage by 2017 pull season.