1850 Mini Rods

                                       2012 1850lb Mini Rod

  •       360 cu in limit automotive engine
  •       Must be constructed IAW Pro-Pulling League rules and specks
  •       60” overall width limit
  •       8’ overall length limit from center of rear axle to furthest point forward
  •      13” hitch height with 1 ¾ opening minimum hole in hitch point
  •       Wheelie bars (maximum 5” from ground) complete with bumper bars required
  •       Tire size limited to up to 15x31.50x15
  •       Headers must be upright
  •      Must have skid runners installed on front axle
  •      Safety harness require for vehicles with roll cage
  •      Items required- Helmet, fire suit, enclosed drive shafts, trans shields, working kill switch that          controls all electrical devices
  •      Refer to S.V.T.P.A.com to get complete specs and guidelines for 1850lb mini rod class

  • All mini rods must have Roll case and Helmets by 2017.