7200 Antique Tractors


  1. 1.    Contest open to agricultural farm tractors with rubber tires, 1959 and older.
  2. 2.    No weights or racks may extend more than 2 ft. in front of the tractor frame or beyond the rear tires and should not interfere with hooking to the sled.
  3. 3.    Min.  draw bar length 18” from center of rear axle to the point of hook. Max height of draw bar is 20” to hook point.
  4. 4. Tractor must have the original frame and same original manufacturer’s brand of engine offered in original tractor fitting onto the original bell housing and bolted directly to the original motor mounts ( No alterations ) and with no more or less cylinders than the original motor.
  5. 5.  Limited to 350 engine cubic inches with a Maximum  of  3500  RPM’s
  6. 6. Tractors with external bull gear housing not allowed.
  7. 7. Transmission housing and final drive housing must be original for make and model of tractor being used.
  8. 8. No aluminum real wheels
  9. 9. Tire size limit 18.4-38.  Agricultural  Farm   tires only . No Radials. Tires can  only  be cut on the top and leading edge of the original cleat.  No adding or deleting of cleat.
  10. 10. The tractor must have wheelie bars strong enough to Support  the weight of the tractor when jacked.
  11. 11. The driver must remain in the seat while the tractor is pulling. No portion of the tractor may fall off while hooked to the sled or the pull will be disqualified.
  12. 12. No multiple sign ups of the same tractor.
  13. 13. Must have working brakes. Must have working  governor .
  14. 14. Must have original updraft type carburetor. No downdraft carburetor .No fuel injection of any kind.
  15. 15.  No turbos or pressurized fuel system allowed
  16. 16. Intake and exhaust manifold must be of original type. No headers
  17. 17. Wheel base must be the same as original for tractor being used.
  18. 18. Tractor must have original stock front axle.
  19. 19. Exhaust pipe must go straight up.
  20. 20. Factory fuels only. Nothing injected.
  21. 21. Low pressure fuel pump is allowed.