Economy 2 Wheel Drive

1.      Engine must have one carburetor and not exceed 485 ci. Must run on pump fuel.

2.      Engine must have all OEM cast iron heads and block. No aluminum heads of aftermarket block.

3.      Safety loops are required around all yokes and universal joints. Minimum 5/16 thick for steel, 3/8 thick for aluminum and 6” wide. Minimum of 1 loop around driveshaft, minimum 1” wide. Two piece driveshafts need one loop per section.

4.      Must have an operation kill switch.

5.      Hitch must be a minimum of 36” from center of rear axle to hook point. Max. of 30” high and stationary in all directions. Pin point not to exceed 10 degrees total elevation in height from hook point.

6.      Steel bell housing of SFI 6.1 or greater required. No mods to the bell housing allowed, it must be completely enclosed and have a block plate. Automatic transmissions must have a SFI approved blanket of shields. All shield must be in place, including dust shields.

7.      Any part of the vehicle not to exceed 15ft from the center of the rear hub.

8.      Nitrous oxide not permitted.

9.       Must have a cover over the bed if any part of the bed has been removed.

10.                     Aluminum or steel deflection shields must be mounted on each side of the engine.  They must run the complete length of the engine block and be a minimum of .060 thick.

11.                     Aftermarket or prefab gear boxes or planetary rear ends are not allowed. OEM transfer cases or two speed rear ends will be permitted but limited to one or the other, Not both.

12.                    Max tire is 34x18

13.                    Must have a bumper or bumper pads.

14.                    No stepping up to the next class.

15.                     Fire suits must be worn and they must meet or exceed 3.2A-1 performance specs.

16.                    Must have and wear a safety belt.

       Must have an approve kill Switch and it must Kill the Engine.