8,500 / Modfield Diesel Rules

   Run what you Brung

   8,500 lb,  26 inch hitch height

3.          No cut pulling tires (DOT approved tires only)

4.          Nitrous, water/methanol or propane is allowed

5.         Rear springs can be blocked. Eclectic over  Hyd  Steering is Allow 

6.       May have front weight racks-not to exceed 60 inches

7.       Fire suit and helmet required

8.       Must have inboard extinguisher

9.       Must run drive shaft loops .

. Exhaust must exit vertically, minimum of cab height with ( 2 ) 3/8"  Inch Bolts Mounted In A Cross Pattern As Close To The Turbo As Possible.

. Must have an approved Kill Switch And It Must Kill The Engine.