Track Rules

- Pullers must be registered half an hour before start time.
- Contest will be governed by two judges provided by pullers          organization, with decisions of these judges being final.  Judges have  the right to stop and / or disqualify any vehicle or driver if the vehicle is being operated in such a manner as would be considered unsafe or unsportsmanlike.

- All pull vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times in the pit area and on the track.  Any violations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees and removal from the premises. All pulling drivers are required  to report to the announcer's stand to register and be classified ,then report to the scales to be weighted,measure hitch height and inspected by tech person before the class starts. All pull vehicles must go to the scales to be reweighed and/or inspected by tech personnel directly after  their pull has been made.

- If judges or tech man feel any driver to be a safety hazard such driver may be barred from the pulling contest. A qualified substitute driver may drive vehicle in question.
- While vehicle is on the track the driver must follow the flagman's instructions at all times.

- The organization in charge of the pull has the right to set the price of admission and the number of hooks per class. They also may pull additional classes but must pull all classes at least once.

- Only the track officials and contestants should be on the track during a pull.  No riders allowed in or on pulling vehicle at any time including in the pit area.

- A minimum of three vehicles is required to constitute a class.
- Violation of any rule shall constitute disqualification and/or dismissal from the premises.

- All drivers must be licensed or approved by the judges.
- No dual wheels,chains,tracks, or studded tires allowed accept for dual wheels on stock class trucks that are factory duals.

- No portion of pulling vehicle or hitch can interfere with the sled during the pull.

- An official pull is moving the sled forward a distance of 100ft. or more. If for any reason the sled does not move forward 100 ft. the vehicle may immediately  repull after repositioning the sled or drop to the 3rd position or drop to the rear of the class on the 1st hook.

- All pulls must start with the tight chain to the sled . No jerking or snatching.

- Each vehicle may have two pulls per class. Vehicle may only place once per class.
- Each entry will go through the following stages.

               In the hole ( second in line to pull )
               On deck ( next to pull )
- When vehicle is called from the on deck position to pulling it has three minutes to be backed into the pulling position ready to be hooked.

- If for mechanical reason the truck is not ready when called to the line, the driver can drop to the last position upon notification  of track official.  On last call for mechanical failure,the driver has three minutes to hook or be disqualified.  Missed  calls will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee for that pull.

- If any part of vehicle touches boundary line while hooked to the sled,the pull is disqualified.

- All pulls must be made from stationary drop hitch or a secure rear bumper.  Morgan's Corner Truck and Tractor Pull llc, Chapanoke Truck and Tractor Pullers and other organizations sponsoring the pull are not responsible in any way for accidents,thefts,and or damage to person and or persons and or personal property or properties.

- Protest:   Any contestant that feels another contestant is illegal may protest in the following manner:   A Protester must notify head judge and make a deposit of $300.00 at that time and specify what one part they want checked before inspection can begin.

- When vehicle is ruled legal, deposit will be given to the protested. In the event that said vehicle is ruled illegal:  the protester will receive full deposit back. All cost of disassembly and  reassembly will fall on the owner of the protested vehicle.

- Should the owner of the protested vehicle refuse inspection, the vehicle will be disqualified.  Places for that class will be adjusted and vehicle will loose all accumulated points.  All protests must arise from the same class in which the protested vehicle is entered.  All prize money or trophies will be held until after the judge's decision is made on the vehicle in question .  All protests must be made by the end of the class in question.   All matters will be settled at the end of the pulling event.

 - Any weight lost while hooked to the sled will be cause for disqualification.  If weights touch the ground although they may still be attached to the pulling vehicle the pull will be disqualified.

-  . Any vehicle not meetings safety specs. or regulations will not be allowed to pull.
-  . Any vehicle that is found illegal in any way will be disqualified from that pull and will be banned from pulling for
12 months
  Judge's decisions are final.

-  . All trucks must have a front tow hook.
-  . No driver under  the influence of alcohol or drugs.   All Rules are Finale and will not be changed for 3 years unless it is something to do with  safety.