6,200 Stock 4x4 1/2 - 3/4 Ton Rules

Stock 4X4 Truck


  1. Engine must be pure stock. No overbore more than .030.  No stroker engines.
  2. Duel exhaust is not considered a modification.
  3. Fuel injections are allowed one modification.  Carb. engines are allowed two modifications.
  4. Vehicle must have a bumper or receiver hitch to hook to sled.  No homemade hitches are allowed.  Max. hitch height will be “24”.
  5. Weight is limited to 6200 lbs.   Any extra weight must be in the bed of the truck.  No extra weight can be added under the hood or in cab.  Weight racks are not allowed.
  6. Vehicle must be driven to track.
  7. May run spring blocks “must be removable”.
  8. After market headers are considered a modification.
  9. Stock location on hitch (50”) must have 3” or equivalent for hook up.  We will not hook to trailer ball.  May use clevis-“must furnish own”.
10.                     All fuel except nitrous and propane are allowed. No Nitrous or Nitrous 
              accessories on the truck anywhere at anytime...