8,500 Stock Diesel


 8,500 lbs with driver


Added weight must be in the bed.


Batteries must be securely mounted.


The truck must have a bed floor. Fiberglass hoods are permitted.


Four wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory.


The OEM chassis is mandatory. The engine must be in the stock location.

 Cooling System

Radiators must be in stock location


Driver must have a state drivers license


An OEM transmission and transfer case are mandatory. They must have been an  option in a one ton or smaller truck.


Driver seat belt must be worn.


The engine is limited to a stock appearing, OEM make-specific compression ignition  engine with a max rpm of 4500 unless the OEM governed speed is higher.


Stock type exhaust, single and/or dual stacks must exit behind the cab.


Complete OEM firewall is mandatory


 Complete OEM cab floor is mandatory


 Fuel must be #1, #2 or bio-diesel

 Fuel Injection Pump

The injection pump is limited to a stock appearing, OEM engine model specific pump only. Multiple high pressure common rail pumps are prohibited. Powerstroke engines with a single factory turbo may utilize a second HPOP. Pumps from different years in the same engine model may be interchanged.

 Fuel Systems

 The OEM fuel tank must be used.


 Must be a “Reese” style hitch, reinforcements are allowed. Trick hitches are prohibited.  The hooking point must be the rear most part of the truck and be rearward of the stock location of the tailgate. The hitch must be horizontal to the ground and stationary in all directions. Max hitch height is 26 inches and must have an opening of at least 3 inches (size of opening in hitch itself or size of clevis attached to hitch.

 Nitrous Oxide

 Is not allowed


  Is not allowed

 Rear Axle

  Non OEM housings are prohibited. It must have been an option in a one ton or smaller truck.

  Suspension, Front

  Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars and devices are permitted.

  Suspension, Rear

  An OEM style suspension is mandatory. Traction bars and devices are permitted; they must be bolt on only. The brackets may be welded to the axle housing or frame. Solid blocks are allowed. Airbag assistance is allowed; airbag compressor must be disconnected.


 Tires must be DOT approved. Cutting is not allowed.

  Drive shaft Loop

  If running tires 35” tall (as designated by the manufacture) a u-joint shield must be run on the joints at the axles. The shield must cover the joints completely and be 1/4” thick if made from steel and 3/8” thick if aluminum.

  Transfer Case

Must run an OEM case that was an option on a one ton or smaller truck.

  Transmission, Automatic

Non OEM transmissions are prohibited. Aftermarket torque converters, valve bodies, and internal components are permitted. Trans brakes are prohibited. Any non OEM floor mounted shifters must have a spring loaded positive reverse lockout device.  A functional neutral safety switch is mandatory. All transmission lines must be metallic or high pressure hose.  All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more with an automatic transmission must be equipped with a transmission shield or blanket meeting SFI spec. 4.1 and be labeled accordingly.  Blankets must extend from the rear of the block to the front of the tailhousing with a minimum 6 inch overlap where it is fastened.  All non blanket type shields must incorporate two (or 1 per manufacturer’s instructions) ¾ inch by 1/8 inch straps that bolt to the shield on each side and pass under the transmission pan unless the pan is labeled as meeting SFI spec. 4.1.  All vehicles with engines exceeding 4500 RPM and using an auto transmission must be equipped with a flex plate meeting SFI spec. 29.1 and be covered by a flex plate shield meeting SFI spec. 30.1.

  Transmission, Manual

Non OEM transmissions are prohibited.  Aftermarket internals are allowed.  A clutch meeting min. SFI spec. 1.1 or 1.2 is mandatory on all vehicles running 4500 RPM or more.  All manual transmissions must be clutch assisted.  Sequential shifters are prohibited.  If running 4500 RPM or greater the vehicle must have a flywheel shield labeled as meeting min. SFI spec. 6.3 or greater.  Applications for which an SFI spec flywheel shield is not available may use a properly attached SFI 4.1 or 4.2 blanket that completely covers the bellhousing; it must be attached to the block and extend rearward to the transmission with a min. 6 inch overlap where fastened.

  Turbo Charger

  The turbo is limited to stock appearing OEM make specific only. Turbos from different years in the same make may be interchanged. Turbo is limited to a 63.5 mm compresser wheel and a maximum 2.5 turbo housing  ( No Bushing allow. )

  Water Injection

   Is not allowed.


   Factory wheelbase and track width must be maintained

  Ford 6.4 Factor twin turbo Allowed.