Super Street Big Block


1.      1.                         510 cubic inch limit with a 1% allowance

2.       2.                       May run an aftermarket block

3.       3.                       No pro stock heads

4.     4.                     Must run one carburetor

5.     5.                     Must run standard pump or race gas or alcohol ( No Nitrous )

6.      6.                     Electric fuel pumps, fans and aftermarket regulators allowed.



1.    Must have ujoint shields over all ujoints and at least one loop ( min 1” wide ) per driveshaft 1/4 steel or 3/8 aluminum.

2.    Must have SFI approved transmission blanket on automatics and a SFI 6.1 or greater blow proof bell housing on manuals with a block plate. No modifications are allowed to the bell housing.

3.    Aftermarket transfer cases are allowed.

4.    Must run the factory wheel base length and the rear axle must be in the stock location. No super cab or crew cabs allowed.


                                 Chassis and Body

1.    Drop hitches are allowed. Max height is 26” at the hitch point. Minimum length is 40” from the center of the rear axle to the hitch point. It must be stationary in all directions, have at least a 3” opening and the angle must not exceed 33 degrees. No L type hitches.

2.    Weight boxes are allowed. Max distance from the center of the front axle is 60” to the furthest point of the bar/box or anything attached to the bar/box excluding tow hook.

3.    Must run a DOT tire, no cutting allowed, max height is 36” or metric eq.

4.    Exhaust pipes must not point to the side.

5.    If any part of the bed is removed, a bed cover must be in place.

6.    Must have a functional kill switch.

7.    Electric over hydraulic steering is allowed

8.    Vehicle must have two wheels or a solid roller no more than 6” off the ground within 6” of the forward most part of the vehicle. Wheels must be a minimum of 6” in dia. 2” wide and 3” apart.

9.    Vehicle must have a rear bumper or bumper pads.

10.  Fire suit and Helmet must be worn.

11.  Engines do not have to be in stock location.

12.  Larger differentials are permitted.

13.  Must have inboard fire extinguisher.

Must have an approved Kill Switch and it must Kill the Engine.