Super Street Small Block


Super Street Small Block

1.                            413 cubic inch MAX.

2.        1.    Vertical headers are allowed, not mandatory. No Exhaust Pipes Turned to the side.

3.      2.   Up to 4500 dominator carb are allowed.

4.       3.     EFI engines must run factory vale angles ( Porting allowed ). No Nascar heads allow.

5.         4.   May run after market block (same as vehicle).And all Cylinder heads must have part number on them. No Nascar heads allowed.

6.          5.   No Pro-Stock heads allowed.  

a       a. No LS7 heads allowed.

        b. No Ford Cleveland heads allowed

7      6.    May run after market block (same as vehicle)

8      7.  Any fuel allowed except (Nitrous and propane).No Nitrous or nitrous accessories on the truck anywhere at any time.

       8.  Engine must be in stock location.

       9. Engine must accept stock intake without major modifications.

       10. Must run Sema approved bell housing or approved blanket for automatic transmission

      11.No after market transfer cases.

       12.   Must have u joint shields over all u joints and at least one loop (min 1” wide) per driveshaft 1/4 steel or 3/8 aluminum. No parts larger than one ton allow.

14   13 .   26 inch hitch height.

1    14. May run stationary weight racks in front.

      15. Weight rack cannot exceed 60 inches from center front axle to front of weight.

      16. The rear hitch minimum length will be 30% ( percent ) of wheel base from the center of rear axle. Not to exceed 33 degree angle.

       17. Must run factory wheel base length and rear axle in stock location. Real axle must run factor suppression but it can be blocked, Blocks must be removable Not Welded In.

1     18. Must run Dot Tires, No Cutting allow Max height is 35 inches or metric equiv

      19. Fire suit and Helmet are required. 

2    20. Must have inboard fire extinguisher.

      21.  Must have an approved Kill Switch and it must KILL the engine.